Jul. 10th Studio Luz Announcements & Completed Projects


The Studio Luz office is bustling this summer with new projects and new staff. Bringing expertise in residential construction and graphic/ exhibition design and experience in institutional and commercial projects, Lisa Lostritto joins our office as a Project Manager and Designer.   We have returning intern Ellen Woodsbie and now graduate Hanhan Luo from last year.  Bringing expertise in urban design, Shiqing Liu joins us from Harvard University’s Masters of Urban Design program. Also Connie Wang, a fifth year B.Arch student at RISD, joins us for the first time this summer.  Together with Lisa and with experience in construction, Dane Clark is currently working on Construction Administration for the Piedmont Housing project.


Announcements and events:

Anthony Piermarini has been appointed Assistant Professor at Roger Williams University School of Architecture, Art and Historic Preservation. Anthony will take up his new position this fall 2015.

Hansy Better Barraza gave a lecture at the University of Patras as part of a collaborative studio led by Hansy  and Demetra Katsota (University of Patras). The lecture, Work, Life, discussed the recent housing projects completed and under construction.



Hansy also was panelist and co-organizer with Sheila Bonde, Laura Briggs and Dietrich Neumann  for the joint RISD/ Brown University Architecture Urbanism Humanities Symposium on April 23-25 2015.The list of participants include Bernard Tschumi, Amale Andraos, Stan Allen, Nicholas BoyarskyThomas Kelley, Kent Kleinman, Itohan Osayimwese, Matthias SauerbruchIgor MarjanovicNader Tehrani and Martha Thorne.


Giving back to the community:

Principal Hansy Better Barraza and Project Manager Lisa Lostritto participated in the Design for Justice Interdisciplinary Unit at the Urban Science Academy, a Boston Public High School, in May 2015. Christine Sand, a Humanities teacher at the Urban Science Academy invited the staff at Studio Luz Architects as professional volunteers to help high school students develop their proposals for humane migrant housing.  In addition, Studio Luz Architects has conducted advocacy work through design workshops and talks with early age learners at the Hurley School K-8, a Boston Public Spanish-English immersion school located in the South End.

luz_design for justice


What we have completed:

Along with the completion of two single family residences that we have covered on our blog recently, the Meyer Residence and Eliot Residence, we have also completed work on the new Dolce & Gabbana store on Newbury Street in Boston and a new storage wine wall installation at Seiyo Sushi & Wine Bar in Boston.

Dolce & Gabbana

As the Architect of record for the Dolce & Gabanna retail store on Newbury Street in Boston, the goal was to work with the company’s branding and design team to create a space that coordinates with existing site conditions yet still showcases the brand’s luxurious style. The entrance is split into the brand’s requisite men’s and women’s entrances by creating glass doorways in the two existing bay windows. The store welcomes visitors through small level platform changes and into a series of luxury cavern spaces displaying Dolce & Gabanna products.


use this-01Repurposing Chimney Flues as Wine Display Containers

Following the concept for Seiyo Sushi & Wine Bar, the wine display is a fusion of old and new. The display is made from repurposed terra cotta chimney flues as the immediate bottle container and is wrapped with ribbons of cold rolled steel plates with a gun blue patina. The steel runs the extent of the flues to not only encompass each bin but also shifts from surface to standing bottle display as the steel nests between, and at the termination of bins. The two rows of the display are secured to laminated veneer lumber and are angled at the ends to allow for customer visibility and ability to walk around the display.



luz_seiyo drawings