Aug. 15th Piedmont Park Square Multi-Unit Housing Project




Studio Luz Architects is proud to present the Piedmont Park Square project. We are indebted to our clients, TCR Development and JB Ventures for being out-of-the-box thinking developers and gave Studio Luz and the consulting team the opportunity to build the vision into reality. The multi-unit residence is located at the edge of the neighborhood, acting as an urban threshold that bonds the large scale and modern buildings of the city with the small scale, historic, residential fabric of the Bay Village. The project features 4 townhouse style units, 4 row house flats, and 10 sub-grade parking spaces.




The townhouse flats are floor through units, which create stacked living situations. This organization is expressed most significantly at the intersection of Piedmont and Church Street, resulting the corner with an interlocking massing of large windows with the resemblance of a “Dovetail.” The organization of row house units is articulated by “Zipper Course” brick work, giving an individual expression to each of the units. Entry ways are recessed in keeping with the local residences, and the brick facade above the entry features “Stubble Course” brickwork that further demarcates entries.


piedmont interior


Sustainable practices were considered during the design process. Brick was used for the exterior skin because it now requires 70% less energy to produce than it did in 1970, it was locally sourced and due to its durability and permanence qualities, it is less likely to end up in a landfill. High performance foam insulation was used throughout the project with the building envelop exceeding code requirements. Sustainable harvested wood, LOW or NO-VOC paints and finishes were used throughout. The project also met Energy Star Standards and met the Massachusetts STRETCH Code.


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Studio Luz Architects Updates

This summer Studio Luz office is jammed with diverse people and projects. A recent-grad RISD M.Arch student, Tzu-Yu Su joins the office for summer internship. Iris Kim, a fourth year B.Arch student at RISD, and a team of volunteered weaving artists, Lyza Baum, Siena Smith, Michelle Dunbar, and Isabelle Camarra, and Illustrator, Gina Baek, join for the public art installation “The Tilt-Down Fence,” an immigrant communal project initiated by the non-profit organization BR+A+CE. Series of events such as free ice cream, puppeteer show, and immigrant’s story reading will be happening on the site. Find out more on the project’s blog.

Academically, principal Hansy Better Barraza was promoted to Professor in Architecture at the Rhode Island School of Design and was Graduate Program Director. Joined since 2015 Fall as assistant Professor of Architecture at Roger Williams University, principal Anthony Piermarini continues his service at RWU and coordinates first year architectural design, computing, and graphic communication program.